An informative guide on Android 13 by phone repair store professionals

Android 13 phone

When you upgrade to Android 13, you may be able to make your devices appear more personalized in your unique way. It adds several new features to your smartphone or tablet bought from a phone repair store, including the ability to copy text and media from one Android device and paste it into another with a single click, app-level language options, enhanced privacy controls, and more.

Are you wondering about the unique features of Android 13? Our experts at MyCtrlAltDel Everything you need to know about the most recent version of Android.

An informative guide on Android 13 by phone repair store professionals

Design Changes

Material You, one of the most significant UI updates to the operating system in recent memory, was introduced in Android 12. According to a cell phone repair store in Sacramento, The new user interface allows for more personalization, with color palette controls based on the user’s wallpaper and smoother, more understandable animations. While Android 13 does not introduce revolutionary changes, it improves the user interface.

Icons for Themes

Google released the previous screenshots alongside the announcement of the first developer preview. In Android12.2, released in 2022, you can apply a theme to your icons like a theme to the rest of the operating system.

Unfortunately, there are two caveats. To begin with, this is limited to Pixel smartphones for the time being. The second limitation is that this is only available for applications whose creators have provided a black-and-white icon designed specifically for use with Material You.

In other words, cell phone repair centers say not to expect a fully functional and comprehensive auto-theming experience following the update. It may take some time to achieve the level of automation that Google desires.

The manufacturers updated the launcher search experience for Pixel phones with Android 13. You can now use your device’s launcher’s built-in search bar to perform Google searches, browse the Play Store, and watch YouTube videos.

The search is more robust and feels more integrated than Android12, with only minor operational differences depending on whether you swipe up from the bottom or tap the search bar at the bottom. Recent search results from launchers can be pinned to the home screen for easy access.

Alerts based on permission

Android’s notification management and presentation have historically been superior to iOS’s. Nonetheless, one aspect of Apple’s ecosystem appeals to us. Apps must first obtain your express permission to send you alerts before they can do so.

Google has made it so that applications cannot send you installation alerts unless you explicitly authorize them to do so in Android 13. It’s important to remember that upgrading to Android 12 only affects newly installed apps and has no effect on the functionality of existing ones.

Scannable QR codes

We were the first to report that Android 13 would include support for reading QR codes in the quick settings tile, with support potentially expanding to the lock screen. The QR scanner quick settings toggle first appeared in Android 13 DP1, but it was greyed out and inaccessible.

They corrected this in the first beta version, so you can be confident that the QR code scanner works as it should. You also have the option to lock the screen with such a quick toggle. Since it was introduced in the beta version of Android13, there have been no major changes to the function, and it is far faster than using Google Lens or the built-in camera.


Those are all the most important new Android 13 features. Contact us to buy a phone with this special and wonderful software.