Warranties as offered by Ctrl Alt Del LLC

Labor Warranties
1 year for custom built computer systems

This warranty applies only to new, custom-built Ctrl Alt Del LLC branded computer systems. If at any time a part needs to be replaced or repaired, Ctrl Alt Del LLC will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace that part and not charge you for the labor if Ctrl Alt Del LLC originally installed the part in the system.

This labor warranty only covers items bought from and installed by Ctrl Alt Del LLC into a Ctrl Alt Del LLC branded custom-built computer system. On a new custom-built computer system this would include all items installed when the system was originally built or any items that you purchased from Ctrl Alt Del LLC AND that you paid Ctrl Alt Del LLC a labor charge to install into the system. This warranty does not cover the labor on items added to the system by anyone other than Ctrl Alt Del LLC

Software problems are not covered under warranty. Additionally, this labor warranty does not include items that were not part of a custom-built computer built by Ctrl Alt Del LLC External items are not included in the lifetime labor warranty. These excluded external items include but are not limited to monitors, printers, scanners and any other external components.

Parts Warranty
Parts Warranties come from the factory/manufacturer only. Ctrl Alt Del LLC does not offer additional parts warranties.