Cloud backup (powered by SOS): Unrivaled initial backup speed and a full set of features and tools make it a top choice for off-site data protection. CTRL ALT DEL cloud backups also includes a higher level of security and privacy than most competitors offer, as well as special features such as the ability to wipe and locate devices, perform remote backup, and throttle bandwidth use to taste. It can also save all versions of your files forever; most competitors only offer a month’s worth of versions.

Sharesync: ShareSync is a secure, enterprise-class backup and file sharing solution. With ShareSync, your files and folders are always backed up and in sync across your desktop, your mobile devices and the web.
With the ShareSync mobile app, you can:

  • Open and view your backed up files directly from your mobile device
  • Share files with colleagues and business partners
  • Mark files as favorites for offline access
  • Upload files from your mobile device to your ShareSync folder
  • Upload files via sharing option from external applications
  • Protect your data with passcode lock

The ShareSync mobile app will only work for subscribers to the ShareSync service.

ShareSync data is encrypted both when it’s at rest as well as when it’s in transit. At-rest data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, while in-transit data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL/HTTPS encryption. Additionally, ShareSync generates a unique encryption key for every account, creating an even greater degree of protection through data isolation.

Sophos End User Protection: Protect every user and every device from malware, spam, data loss and more with our End-user Protection bundles. Only Sophos delivers best-of-breed endpoint, mobile, encryption, email and web security solutions licensed per user and backed by the best support in the industry.